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After a mission trip in 1993 to Romania and Albania, Tony Collicco was burdened for the Roma Gypsies, who were being discriminated against and living in abject poverty. He and his wife Kelly sold everything they had, joined HFTW, and moved to Romania to help the Roma people and to share the love of Christ with them.
Twenty-two years later, with their four children involved, their work through HFTW has planted over twenty churches, eight of which they are actively working in and doubling as feeding centers and schools for the Gypsy children, ten nationals on staff as missionaries, educators, etc.
They also have a children's camp they have been running for nineteen years every summer called Camp Joy. They have drilled over ten wells and have helped to put electricity in most of the villages they work in. Their vision for the future is to reach the Roma people who are scattered all over Europe in different countries using their work in Romania as a model.

The Collicco Family

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