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God's True Love Foundation

Our Focus

God's True Love Foundation focuses on transforming neglected and underprivileged communities in Romania by meeting their educational, physical, spiritual and emotional needs by giving a hand-up, unleashing unlimited potential and possibilities through our after-school program.


Children's Benefits

• getting helped with their homework

• A meal daily
• games and social activities

Our Objectives

  • helping children who are at social risk.

  • prevent them from leaving school at an early age

  • assure educational services, social integration, leisure activities, socializing, orientation in education so as to prevent discrimination

  • family support and counseling in order to support children psychological development and different judicial, medical, and social aspect


Our Goal

Our goal for the after-school program is, to assure certain activities that involve education, social abilities, and counseling which are meant to support the acquisition of skills for the development of an independent life for the Roma Gypsy children who are at risk in Romania.

You Can Help

Children the ages of 6-16 at risk of leaving school at an early age and those in precarious social- economic situation within the family by donating to our foundation.


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